June 19

Reflective Ankle Bands by ATOPIO Review




It’s late at night, your driving and all of a sudden….. you hear the sound of a flat tire. You pull over to the side of the road. Vehicles are passing by at a fast rate. Even with your emergency flashers on, that feeling you have is “Are the other drivers going to see me when I get out”? Then you remember, the High Visibility Reflective Ankle Bands you always wear when your running, there’s a second set in your glove box just for this reason.


Knowing other vehicles can see you from 700 feet away, those worry’s are gone and you can safely change that tire now.

Product Description

BE SAFE, BE SEEN!  Reflective bands are the quickest, easiest way to increase you and your family’s visibility and safety with 360 degrees of intensely bright white retro reflectivity (400 cd/lux).  

GAIN PEACE OF MIND. These durable, highly reflective strip that makes users easily seen by motorists from over 700 feet away.  Strap a pair on the kids before they go out to play for increased safety!

FULLY-ADJUSTABLE. Elastic and Velcro design wraps securely around ankles, upper wrists, or upper arms.

Reflective Bands Keep You Visible In All Conditions 
Lightweight, fully-adjustable, comfortable, and durable, BlazeBands are easy to strap on and go jogging, walking, or cycling in visible safety. Strap a pair on your kids when they go to bicycle, skateboard, or play outside.  *Keep a pair of BlazeBands in the glove compartment for increased visibility to other drivers in case of a car breakdown. 

*Every 8 minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a motor vehicle accident. It’s vital to increase your visibility to oncoming traffic.  BlazeBand Reflective Wrist Bands provide that extreme, bright white reflectivity that helps you and your loved ones remain visible even in low light conditions. Reflective Bands are superior to LED lights and require no batteries. 

As the owner of a contract security company, husband and father, safety is everything. My patrol vehicle has a pair for foot patrols, traffic directing and any night emergencies that come up. My wife’s van has a pair as well. Flat tires are not all we have to worry about where we live, going off the road and getting stuck in the snow happens too. Being seen is very important. The bands are very flexible being made of elastic, they can be worn on the ankle, wrist and upper arms. I feel safe and I know I can be seen whether I’m changing a tire in the rain on the side of the road, or I’m tackling and restraining a person in the middle of that same road.

To learn more and purchase a pair  you can visit Amazon.


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