August 6

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week

This weeks post is about home safety. We all know that when we get in for the night, we lock our doors and check our windows. At the end of the night the thoughts run through your mind; doors locked, windows closed, kids in bed, lights are off, did I shut the oven off? Done. Now in bed, the house is quite and you fall to sleep. So have you put in your mind what happens when you hear that sound from outside your room or downstairs? Really. Here’s a great thing to do as soon as you head to your bed, pull your vehicle keys out of your pocket and place them beside your bed. The last thing a person wants when they are in your house to do you harm is everyone knowing they are there. To have loud noises. Most vehicles now come with FOBS (lock and unlock your doors by remote). On that remote there is most commonly a red PANIC button. What better time to use this unused button. You have determined this noise is someone unwanted in your home. Your keys are right there. You push that button. Lights start flashing and your horn starts blowing outside. Your family hears this, and if you have neighbors close by they hear this too. Now for a moment the person in your house hears this and focus is on that. Most criminals know you will grab your phone to call the police and cut the phone lines before you even wake up. Plus that call can take minutes you don’t always have. This is the time you grab what you have, chemical agents or your firearm. But those posts will come another time. For now, like everything in life, “practice makes perfect”. Roll play this many times over. Tell your family and practice with them what to do. Tell your TRUSTED neighbors about this, so when they hear your horn in the middle of the night, or you hear theirs, you all know what to do.


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