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Personal Defense Tip Of The Week: To Carry On Or Not To Carry

This weeks post talks about a question that does not really have an answer, just opinions. There will always be two sides to this. To carry a firearm as personal defense or not. To each their own. I believe all we need to do is respect both sides. You don’t want to carry a firearm, I respect that. BUT please respect the fact that I do. Everybody’s happy. Right?

So now I go into why I see the way I see. One of the worst feelings in the world is helplessness. There’s nothing you can do to stop what is happening. I hear the news and watch tv shows and think to myself……. O.K. so I actually say out loud “if they only had a gun”. Some will say that’s what the police are there for, to protect us. Well, kind of. But not always are the police there, and the police are there to uphold the laws. Don’t take me wrong here, the forces out there train hard, work hard and are always busy. The police are always “there for us”, and will always be the final step to defending ourselves. I have never-ending respect for officers of the law, being one myself. Let me bring my point and send it home. You are on a vacation with your family. you want to take your kids on a boat tour and find someone who does something like that. You get on their boat, you and your kids, and head out to the beautiful sunset in the middle of the ocean. Your kids are loving the ride, running back and forth on the boat watching the water rush by the side of the vessel. All of a sudden the motor cuts out and the chatter and laughter dies down. You look back at the owner of the boat at the controls thinking maybe there’s a problem, out of gas or engine problems. That is when you realize you are looking at a shotgun in your face. Hopeless. Dread of what comes next. Powerless. Where is the police? The signal to your cellphone? You do everything they ask you to do because that is the only hope of survival for you and your family. Still you are found a week later tied to a concrete block, floating in the water, all of you. The report shows no gunshots, no trauma. Every one of you were tossed over the side, alive.

When I have my family out of the house, shopping, swimming, whatever that day may bring, I get mixed feelings from a lot of people. The looks, stares, comments people say to themselves under their breath. Some walk up to me with questions. Some make statements to me, like “it’s great to see people carrying” or ” do you really think you need to carry a gun on you”. But when it all comes down to it, everybody who does not carry is grateful when something happens and some responsibly armed citizen is there to do exactly like they have trained so many hours for kick in and take over. Like the 71 year old man in a casino minding his own business finds himself shooting back at two “punks” who thought it was safe to enter and terrorize people because the police are not there to stop them. I was out with my family yesterday at Wal-mart when I heard over the intercom “security needed in pharmacy”. Now I know that Wal-mart only cares about asset retrieval or loss prevention, there products, not the safety and security of there employees and customers. My wife looks at me and says “why don’t you check out there security”. As I start walking by the pharmacy, an employee looks right at me and starts pointing to the problem. That’s when I see a store manager and I would say a stocker come up to deal with this. This shows me that if there was a real threat, no one was ready.

Try this for yourself. Setup with your local police department a drill. TELL THEM WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DO FIRST! Call the police and come up with something, someone is breaking into my home. Time them. How long did it take to get to you. What could of happened in between the call and them arriving? Now think about being on a street, not sure of the name of that street. A cellphone can be traced to location, eventually.

When it all comes down to it, is it worth waiting for someone else to protect you?







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