August 19

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: Personal Protection While Using Protection

This weeks post is about protecting yourself and family while using a firearm in your home. If you own a firearm you have taking it to a range or safe place to discharge your firearm and practice and trained with them. If you haven’t….. DO IT NOW! Never think you know what you’re doing and know what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing turns into about 5,000 rounds. But we will get to that another time. So I know when you practice you wear safety glasses and ear protection. The sound of a shotgun let alone an AR can really hurt your ears outside. Now you are in your home with your family and someone else is coming through a door or window. Every one of your sense’s NEEDS to be ready. What about your hearing?

You must hear everything that’s going on inside your home. Where is the intruder, your children, your wife or husband? You can’t hear much of anything with ear protection on. If you plan on using a firearm as home defense there should be a pair of noise cancelling earmuffs right next to your home defense firearm. These earmuffs use electric technology to amplify low-level noise like talking and movement. If you are the only one in the house, one set of these works. But I’m talking the whole family is sleeping. Make sure your spouse knows. Both of you need to put them on and turn them on.  Now you can also find junior and even infant sets of the earmuffs for the children in the home. Why the Kids? Well first you want to protect their ears, a round going off in an enclosed space creates a lot of sound and pressure. second, like I said these earmuffs amplify sound so even a whisper can be picked up, so when you do make it to the children’s door not only can you hear what is going on inside that room but can also (recommended) find out who is in the room by asking through the closed-door before opening that door. Your spouse by now should be on the phone with the police. The time has come that you see who is in your home. You yell the words you have practiced many times, “Drop your weapon, get on the ground!” Everyone in the house has heard this and can prepare for the worst to happen. The intruder makes their move, and it was not to the ground, coming at you with a knife. You squeeze the trigger and this is when the earmuffs do what they should do. In a fraction of a second the amplified sound shuts down, and your ears are protected just like the ones you use while practicing. Most of these units will shut down the amplifier at 82db, far below a gunshot. your earmuffs amplifier comes back on and you can hear again.

Having the right stuff when you need it is very important. Having it and never needing it sure beats not having and needing it. In this case, when you don’t have time to protect your ears, protecting your self, your family and the public is the most important. But to practice and drill these steps, the earmuffs take two seconds to put on and can ensure a life time of hearing for all.




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