October 29

Multifunction Safety Hammer Review by EYLO


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As an owner of a security company safety is extremely important. That is why I believe every vehicle should have one of these.  The EYLO Safety Hammer has some of the most useful tools you will need in an emergency on the road.

-Rechargeable Hand Crank LED Flashlight for car emergencies, home power outages and outdoor adventures like camping, fishing and hiking. (LED LIGHT HAS 3 LEVELS Bright/dim/flashing)
– Seat Belt Cutter for car emergencies and to cut other things like rope and string.
– Window Glass breaker Hammer for anytime you need to break your car window during an emergency.
– Emergency Flashers to aid if your car is broke down or to signal for help if needed.
– USB Port for charging your mobile device for emergency talk time or usage.
– Manual Hand Cranking Charging System. It gets frustrating always trying to replace or find your batteries!! With EYLO NO BATTERIES NEEDED!

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Lets take the worse day of your life. Your driving down the road in the rain and you hit the biggest puddle ever coming around a corner. That one place that should have a guard rail….. doesn’t. Off the road and into that huge body of water. As soon as your vehicle hits the water, your seat belt (that you are wearing!) locks up and does not release. But your Safety Hammer has a seat belt cutter, so you reach for it and cut your belt. By now your vehicle is under water and you electrical system in you vehicle is gone. And you have power windows. Push your door open…… Never going to happen. But your Safety Hammer has a glass break on it. You wind up…. and smash that glass.

But even on a bad day its great to have. Your belt has snapped in your car, dark and on that one road that has no traffic, except that one car every few minutes that’s going fast. And you have no battery power, no flashers and your cell phone is close to dead. But that’s right, your Safety Hammer has a way to signal to other cars your there on the side of the road. Turn on the flashing red lights and use the magnets to attach to the side of your car. And at the same time you can call for help and charge your cellphone with the USB input on the Safety Hammer.

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