August 11

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: Is Your Gun Safe All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

 This weeks post is about gun storage safety. I was so excited. My wife bought me a new gun safe for Father’s day from Amazon. I spent a while online reading about safes and knew just what I wanted. Now we are not rich so price was a big deal when it came to this and the one thing I wanted was a bio-metric safe. If you are not sure what that is, it’s when you can scan your fingerprint on the safe and it opens. I have had a Gunvault handgun safe for a while and I love it. Having kids always around, safety is a MUST and the Gunvault was perfect for this. Having a key and quick access option of four buttons on top in the shape of a hand print to program in any combination you want. But now it has come time that my guns I have are too many to fit. Plus quick access to all my guns and safety is important to my wife and I. When you know someone is in your house to do you harm, you will never have time to get in the closet, grab your shotgun, take the shotlock off, and load some shells in. My hand gun was always ready with a full magazine in my Gunvault right beside my bed. But when I left for work, That was also my service piece that I carried. So my wife was left with a shotgun unloaded and not ready. Time to upgrade.

     So I found it, BARSKA. The size I wanted and everything. The price was good. When I was at work my wife ordered it and told me it would be here a little after Father’s day for me. Time goes by so slow when your waiting for that guy to drop things off at your door. But it finally came. And it’s all down hill from here. I opened the box and found that this “safe” was as thin as my high school locker was. CHEAP! I stood it up and got the door open. The safe started to fall forward on me. You should always anchor your safe to the floor and wall, but it should not be so unstable. Now this safe was sold as an “up to” 12 gun safe, and has a handgun rack built on the door. Not even close. As soon as I got my shotgun in there I saw that I would have to remove ALL the shelves to fit anymore guns. And the built-in handgun racks…… As soon as I put ONE handgun in there the door would not close and if I tried to make it work, it ejected the magazine out of the handgun and still did not close. The shelves that were pretty permanent was missing screws so the shelves were unsecure, and no way to move the shelves around without screwing new holes in it. The only good thing about this safe was the bio-metric part of it. Easy to program and held 120 fingerprints. So both my wife and I could get every finger programmed. But a steak knife could cut into the side of this “safe”, (not really but you get the idea). I was very upset with the whole thing, because of the safe and because my Wife was so happy to see me happy and I was not. It hurt me. I called Amazon and told them everything. They helped me out without any problems at all. I sent the safe back and got everything my wife paid. So now I’m back at the beginning. No safe.

     My wife and I were out shopping and I saw it. STACK-ON. This looked GREAT. It was not bio-metric, but was an electric pin pad. I went on-line, found it and ordered the STACK-ON model FS-14-MB-E. And time drags until the safe gets here. As soon as I saw it on the back of the truck I knew this was going to be different. The guy had a hard time moving it. HEAVY! I got the box in my house and got it out of the box. I was so happy. Everything about this safe could be customized. The shelves could be place on any side easily. All my guns fit very well with plenty of room to spare. The locking of this was easy to program and very secure.

STACK ON Collage

     So to conclude this post, not all safes are safe. Some just don’t stack up to others. Pay mind to what you want and what you really need.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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