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As a do-it-yourselfer at home, active in the outdoors doing hiking and camping and a security officer I am always trying to find easy, hassle free and high quality ways to make things easer. The Companion Light S by Carpathen fits all those. At home I’m always repairing, hanging and building stuff. And what’s worse than holding the hammer, steadying the nail and grasping the flashlight in your mouth? Let alone keeping the light shining right where you want it. I know I can count on my Companion Light to illuminate exactly what I want, where I want no matter if I’m Fixing the vehicle or directing traffic in the rain.


The Secret of a good, reliable Headlamp and its benefits
• Solid Construction

• Keeps your hands free
• Comfortable to wear
• Secured batteries compartment
• Easy batteries changing – no tools required
Made from High Quality Materials to be Impact Resistant, Protected against Dust Ingression and Water Resistant, you will not have to worry about using it in any environment conditions.
The adjustable strap, made from a nice and soft material, will Comfortably fit on your head, letting your Hands Free so you can keep your focus on your activity.
The steel screw will keep the batteries compartment safely closed even after many years of use while its big plastic head enables you to handle it with only 2 fingers.

Versatile Multi-Purpose Headlamp
• 1W White LED with 3 modes: High, Low and Strobe 

• 4 Red LEDs with 2 modes: High and Strobe 
• 2 Buttons – 1 for White and 1 for Red 
• Works with 3 AAA batteries (not included)

From the first day I got this I could tell this was different from other head lamps. It was very small, not bulky and heavy weighing down my head, and the belt easily adjusts for length and comfort. Unlike it’s size, the brightness of this light is fantastic. The headlamp has many settings. The first is the white light, and three settings. High brightness is 30 Lumens, reaches apx. 30 meters and a battery life of 12 hours. Low is 20 Lumens, apx. 25 meters and a battery life of 16 hours. Strobe reaches apx. 30 meters and could last 20 hours. The next light is perfect for signaling. Red is an easy to the eyes light to warn others you are walking, riding or even doing a foot patrol without blinding people. At 10 Lumens and apx. 10 meters distance you can be seen without over powering light. With only two buttons, one for each light color, it is so simple to operate with just one hand.

headlight bright


A great feature about the Companion Light S is the light is not fixed. You can angle the light right where you want it. so those tiny jobs like soldering just angle it down and never worry about shadows while working.

angle light


Check out the video review below:


Impact resistant, water resistant, lightweight, bright, affordable price and universal. The perfect package for safety, comfort and a secure feeling for every low to no light activity.

To learn more and get your own Companion Light S by Carpathen you can visit Amazon.



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