December 20

What holster works for me?

With so many companies out there and hundreds of designs it can be hard to make the right purchase for a holster. First you need to figure out how you are going to carry. Open carry? Concealed carry? Both are great, but each have there pro’s and cons. How you feel about it really matters. How you dress matters. Your lifestyle will play a role in it as well. Can you wear a firearm on the outside of your clothing and still conduct your daily business? Now when I make comments about this keep in mind I am very comfortable with firearms and makes me feel safe seeing some Responsibly armed citizen with a firearm on their side. But a businessman in a suit may not look “right” open carrying. Then again if your pants are worn below your butt cheeks maybe carrying on your side may not work well no matter what you do, Continue reading

August 2

Personal Defense Tip Of The Week

Today We will talk about speed reloads and administrative reloads with a handgun. This action is done during a active gun fight. There is two different times for each one of these. The first one, Speed Reload, is done when you have an empty magazine and you still need to be in the fight. The second one is an Administrative Reload. This action takes a little more time so you should only use this when you have cover from the ongoing fight with your attacker. Lets take a look. Continue reading

May 18

Guardian 1300TL Tactical Light By SUPERNOVA Review




The Guardian 1300TL tactical light is the most powerful flashlight in its class. With a background as a Certified Corrections Officer, Protective Security Officer and Owner of a Contract Security Company I have seen a lot of tactical flashlights. This tactical light is the best I have ever seen. Weighing just 5.1 oz.(145 Grams) it is light and easy to hold with one hand unlike other full size lights with a quarter of the power. The flashlight is 6.25 inches(15.8cm) in length and 1.75 inches(4.5cm) in diameter. That does not steer away from the fact that this unit is made of smooth, brushed aircraft grade aluminum alloy finish that gives the light a scratch and shock proof exterior. The upper to this has a stainless steel strike bezel for the perfect blows to the face, stomach or the kidneys given you the advantage over any attacker. The technology behind this tactical light is just as impressive: Continue reading

September 1

Personal Defense Tip Of The Week: To Carry On Or Not To Carry

This weeks post talks about a question that does not really have an answer, just opinions. There will always be two sides to this. To carry a firearm as personal defense or not. To each their own. I believe all we need to do is respect both sides. You don’t want to carry a firearm, I respect that. BUT please respect the fact that I do. Everybody’s happy. Right? Continue reading

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August 25

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: What’s Right For Me?

This weeks post is about personal defense and what’s right for you. There is different options for different people that can suit your needs, beliefs and lifestyle. So lets start with whats out there. Let’s begin with chemical weapons. Law enforcement have used this for over 30 years. Most people still call it Mace, but on the market now is  pepper spray or O.C (Oleoresin Capsicum), what police refer to as capstun. This is a plant derived substance, basically hot pepper. Continue reading

August 19

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: Personal Protection While Using Protection

This weeks post is about protecting yourself and family while using a firearm in your home. If you own a firearm you have taking it to a range or safe place to discharge your firearm and practice and trained with them. If you haven’t….. DO IT NOW! Never think you know what you’re doing and know what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing turns into about 5,000 rounds. But we will get to that another time. So I know when you practice you wear safety glasses and ear protection. The sound of a shotgun let alone an AR can really hurt your ears outside. Now you are in your home with your family and someone else is coming through a door or window. Every one of your sense’s NEEDS to be ready. What about your hearing? Continue reading

August 11

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: Is Your Gun Safe All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

 This weeks post is about gun storage safety. I was so excited. My wife bought me a new gun safe for Father’s day from Amazon. I spent a while online reading about safes and knew just what I wanted. Now we are not rich so price was a big deal when it came to this and the one thing I wanted was a bio-metric safe. If you are not sure what that is, it’s when you can scan your fingerprint on the safe and it opens. I have had a Gunvault handgun safe for a while and I love it. Having kids always around, safety is a MUST and the Gunvault was perfect for this. Having a key and quick access option of four buttons on top in the shape of a hand print to program in any combination you want. But now it has come time that my guns I have are too many to fit. Plus quick access to all my guns and safety is important to my wife and I. When you know someone is in your house to do you harm, you will never have time to get in the closet, grab your shotgun, take the shotlock off, and load some shells in. My hand gun was always ready with a full magazine in my Gunvault right beside my bed. But when I left for work, That was also my service piece that I carried. So my wife was left with a shotgun unloaded and not ready. Time to upgrade. Continue reading