June 19

Reflective Ankle Bands by ATOPIO Review




It’s late at night, your driving and all of a sudden….. you hear the sound of a flat tire. You pull over to the side of the road. Vehicles are passing by at a fast rate. Even with your emergency flashers on, that feeling you have is “Are the other drivers going to see me when I get out”? Then you remember, the High Visibility Reflective Ankle Bands you always wear when your running, there’s a second set in your glove box just for this reason. Continue reading

June 16



As a do-it-yourselfer at home, active in the outdoors doing hiking and camping and a security officer I am always trying to find easy, hassle free and high quality ways to make things easer. The Companion Light S by Carpathen fits all those. At home I’m always repairing, hanging and building stuff. And what’s worse than holding the hammer, steadying the nail and grasping the flashlight in your mouth? Let alone keeping the light shining right where you want it. I know I can count on my Companion Light to illuminate exactly what I want, where I want no matter if I’m Fixing the vehicle or directing traffic in the rain. Continue reading

May 18

Guardian 1300TL Tactical Light By SUPERNOVA Review




The Guardian 1300TL tactical light is the most powerful flashlight in its class. With a background as a Certified Corrections Officer, Protective Security Officer and Owner of a Contract Security Company I have seen a lot of tactical flashlights. This tactical light is the best I have ever seen. Weighing just 5.1 oz.(145 Grams) it is light and easy to hold with one hand unlike other full size lights with a quarter of the power. The flashlight is 6.25 inches(15.8cm) in length and 1.75 inches(4.5cm) in diameter. That does not steer away from the fact that this unit is made of smooth, brushed aircraft grade aluminum alloy finish that gives the light a scratch and shock proof exterior. The upper to this has a stainless steel strike bezel for the perfect blows to the face, stomach or the kidneys given you the advantage over any attacker. The technology behind this tactical light is just as impressive: Continue reading

August 19

Personal Safety Tip Of The Week: Personal Protection While Using Protection

This weeks post is about protecting yourself and family while using a firearm in your home. If you own a firearm you have taking it to a range or safe place to discharge your firearm and practice and trained with them. If you haven’t….. DO IT NOW! Never think you know what you’re doing and know what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing turns into about 5,000 rounds. But we will get to that another time. So I know when you practice you wear safety glasses and ear protection. The sound of a shotgun let alone an AR can really hurt your ears outside. Now you are in your home with your family and someone else is coming through a door or window. Every one of your sense’s NEEDS to be ready. What about your hearing? Continue reading