April 10

CAT(combat application Tourniquet) By Ari-Ale-Tools Review and Giveaway



So not many people think about having a combat tourniquet in their first aid kit right? Why not? OK, so driving down the road we are not in combat. But we are in need of a great tourniquet should something go really bad. You come across that very bad accident or worse you was in one. The drivers leg was crushed under the dashboard and bleeding. You need something to stop the bleeding. Or, again, that driver was you and you need a way to apply pressure by yourself. The Ari-ale-tools is perfect for any first aid kit no matter where it is: vehicle, camping, shooting or hunting.

✭ LIFE SAVING – Ari-ale-Tools tourniquet is the same tourniquet the IDF use in the Battleground to stop Hemorrhage and save countless lives.

  • ✭ WHAT YOU GET – Ari-ale-tools Tourniquet is Lightweight made of high quality materials with red tab for quick visual access and white tab to write the time that the tourniquet was applied, The windlass allows to increases the blood vessels pressure to stop the Hemorrhage.
  • ✭ EASY TO USE – Ari-ale-Tools Tourniquet is fast and easy to apply one handed on your on limbs, Ari-ale-Tools tourniquet is fast and easy to apply under stressful conditions.
  • ✭ WHY DO YOU NEED IT? – every day you foresee a real possibility of life-threatening loss of blood from a wound if it by car accident or a terror attack – Ari-ale-Tools Tourniquet is what you need to save life. ENHANCE YOUR FIRST AID KIT NOW!!! Make sure you have Ari-ale-Tools Tourniquet.
Check out this video and see just how easy it is and how this small addition to any kit could be the difference between life and death.

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