January 28

Does this make you feel safe?

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More and more I see these signs going up everywhere. When I moved a few years ago to my new town I never saw one of these. Now they are a big part of many places, schools, doctors offices and now even restaurants. Does this make you feel safe? More importantly how safe are you with these being up? I am a everyday carry guy, on duty or off, I have my firearm with me. So when I pick my child up from daycare I have to take it off. Then I go to my doctors and I have to take it off. Then while checking the mail I take it off. I’m one to follow what is posted. But what about everyone else? How can I be sure they are as well? Why should I be the one disarmed when something happens? Yeah so I say disarmed not unarmed because this is what those signs do to me and every other legally and responsibly armed citizen, disarm us. Think about how many times I have had to unholster my firearm just to please the people who believe guns are dangerous weapons. Guns are not the danger, the person behind the trigger is the danger. This person is a criminal. These dirt bags don’t read signs. They don’t care, there criminals! These signs are an open opportunity for criminals to target defenseless victims knowing we the responsibly armed citizens are disarmed. I live in a state called a “stand your ground” state. How do I stand my ground when scared people and establishments want to disarm us? If the criminals have the thought that everyone around them is carrying a firearm the likelihood of an attack will drop. But when a sign like these are put up we become easy pickings, why not, who’s going to stop them. School’s post all over “drug free zone.” Fines and offense’s are raised in school zones. Yet drugs are in every school. Canines doing searches weekly. Why? Because criminals, including kids don’t care what a sign says. If there going to do it, it’s just another sign on the wall. Disarming the trained, legally armed and caring people who practice carrying everyday to protect themselves, their family and the innocent public will never change the drug crazed, mentally ill, confused or even the hurt by society individuals. In 1791 our country wrote down our right to bear arms, carry as we want. Slowly we lose our right to defend ourselves under the mindset that “guns are bad.” A firearm will stay on a table, lay on a street corner or even sit quietly on a post office floor and never hurt, injure or even kill a person. So why are we so scared of them? I’m more scared of a pocket knife then a gun. But we shelter our children from guns, making them a taboo and a question item, so they play with them. To the mentally ill an easy answer to solve a problem rather then us give them the right help. When seconds count, why wait minutes for law enforcement? A person who, rightfully, assumes everyone at this innocent is the shooter, the criminal, the bad person, not knowing what is going on. We are all again put at risk by someone who simply knows there’s a person with a gun, but can’t clearly pick out the innocent while running into a panic situation themselves. I wish more people used their right to carry. For those who are too scared to protect themselves and others, accept that guns are out there and thank the ones who do carry to protect you and others.

To close this post I leave you with the age old saying “GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE.”


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