April 10

CAT(combat application Tourniquet) By Ari-Ale-Tools Review and Giveaway



So not many people think about having a combat tourniquet in their first aid kit right? Why not? OK, so driving down the road we are not in combat. But we are in need of a great tourniquet should something go really bad. You come across that very bad accident or worse you was in one. The drivers leg was crushed under the dashboard and bleeding. You need something to stop the bleeding. Or, again, that driver was you and you need a way to apply pressure by yourself. The Ari-ale-tools is perfect for any first aid kit no matter where it is: vehicle, camping, shooting or hunting. Continue reading

January 6

Do You Trust Your Justice System?

I want to do just a quick personal opinion about the trust we put into our Law Enforcement Officers and court system. I have always trusted in the legal system America has created and our job is not an easy one. But in light of true shows and movies I have watched I now wonder. Is our legal system slipping? Are we becoming complacent and too accepting to what we hear and told rather than finding the truth and doing the legwork to get it? Here is a small list of recent shows I have found on Netflix and Amazon Prime, and I know theirs more out there but these three really got me going.
Dear Zachary
Making A Murderer
Paradise Lost
 PicMonkey Collage
What do you think?
December 20

What holster works for me?

With so many companies out there and hundreds of designs it can be hard to make the right purchase for a holster. First you need to figure out how you are going to carry. Open carry? Concealed carry? Both are great, but each have there pro’s and cons. How you feel about it really matters. How you dress matters. Your lifestyle will play a role in it as well. Can you wear a firearm on the outside of your clothing and still conduct your daily business? Now when I make comments about this keep in mind I am very comfortable with firearms and makes me feel safe seeing some Responsibly armed citizen with a firearm on their side. But a businessman in a suit may not look “right” open carrying. Then again if your pants are worn below your butt cheeks maybe carrying on your side may not work well no matter what you do, Continue reading

August 2

Personal Defense Tip Of The Week

Today We will talk about speed reloads and administrative reloads with a handgun. This action is done during a active gun fight. There is two different times for each one of these. The first one, Speed Reload, is done when you have an empty magazine and you still need to be in the fight. The second one is an Administrative Reload. This action takes a little more time so you should only use this when you have cover from the ongoing fight with your attacker. Lets take a look. Continue reading

July 14

LAST MAN Paracord Survival Bracelet Review


lastman top


You and your hunting friend have been out together in the woods for years. This year you are going all out. Moose hunting in Canada. Now this is not the same woods you grew up knowing, but that’s ok. Your out there, you, him and the woods. Darkness is setting in……. and you can’t find your friend. nowhere. And now as you look around you have no idea where you are. LOST. Continue reading

June 19

Reflective Ankle Bands by ATOPIO Review




It’s late at night, your driving and all of a sudden….. you hear the sound of a flat tire. You pull over to the side of the road. Vehicles are passing by at a fast rate. Even with your emergency flashers on, that feeling you have is “Are the other drivers going to see me when I get out”? Then you remember, the High Visibility Reflective Ankle Bands you always wear when your running, there’s a second set in your glove box just for this reason. Continue reading

June 16



As a do-it-yourselfer at home, active in the outdoors doing hiking and camping and a security officer I am always trying to find easy, hassle free and high quality ways to make things easer. The Companion Light S by Carpathen fits all those. At home I’m always repairing, hanging and building stuff. And what’s worse than holding the hammer, steadying the nail and grasping the flashlight in your mouth? Let alone keeping the light shining right where you want it. I know I can count on my Companion Light to illuminate exactly what I want, where I want no matter if I’m Fixing the vehicle or directing traffic in the rain. Continue reading